1 – 3 : Chapter 1 ALMOST PARADISE : Good bye, WADATSUMI / He and a little witch of Tokyo Bay

 On the foot of high mountains, the melted snow leaking out through cracks of bedrocks is keeping to shave the land like licking and is forming the vast sloping rock band on the mega-continent. In that place, the carpet of thick moss enough containing clear water is spreading endlessly, the ground is completely covered by deep vivid green. When lying on the green bed, there is no doubt that the freshwater which is filtered by the vegetation sheets gives the genuine rest to you. It would make your skin moisture comfortably. And the moss should also give you a floating feeling like sinking into the center of the earth, even though there is the hard-solid ground just under the green matless.

 When raising your upper body and look around, you will notice there are many white meat-clods here and there, on the vast nature bed. Those are pairs. Some pairs don’t conscious of their gender yet and are pleasantly playing in innocent in each couple. And the other pairs which were awakened to sexual mind are exchanging love songs in each. And more, in the other pairs which had been completely matured, females are soaking their lower half body into a clear puddle and receives spermatophores-bags from the male into the inside of her body, lays the fertilized eggs. Meanwhile, the males which are couples with those females are looking out around to protect their wives and future children. Each pair has each own time.

 In the sky, gray low clouds are hanging without breaks, and distant high-mountains tops are covered by the eternal snow. The winds blowing and coming down from that place are so cool as if to convey a sign of future global cooling, so the temperature around the green beds is very cool, too. But the couples are acting very lively and energetically exposing their white skin to the cold outer air. In the first place many urodelans which are classified as amphibians but as not frogs and have a long tail, are basically very resistant to cold temperature. Some urodelans live in even glacial areas. So, they, which are friends of this species, also can move cheerfully in this cold and can get joy in the prosperity.

 Suddenly, he noticed changes in respiration rhythm which was being blown onto his chest, so looked down the inside of his own arms. A short while ago, at the time when he waked up, she was still in the deep sleeping. And now, she was in dreaming still yet, but that seemed to be becoming shallow. She seemed to be feeling discomfort somewhere on her body with her soft-sensitive skin.

 Of course, she was trying to keep enjoying the dream yet, but also frowning, and twisting her own body repeatedly, showing uncomfortableness. Then, she finally let her whole body closer to him and started rubbing his chest with the tip of her tiny nose many times. She must be ordering from between a dream and a dream.

 “Find the cause!!!”

 He smiled, made this lazy person farther close to himself, and begun letting his own palm move on the surface of her. Putting his hand under the dark hair and gently seeking the reason on the soft-warm skin from the back of the ears to the neck, to the shoulders, to the back, from the side flanks to the belly. The girl, who had the tail of amphibians, twisted her own body as if resisting ticklish, but did not get awoken at all still more, and was completely being asleep yet.

 The breath of this cute sleeping beauty was warm yet. Her skin certainly got being polished every day for the underwater life in the future, however, she herself was a human still now, so the body temperature also was warmer than fish. It could be guessed to have enough time for that it would get down less than 30 centigrade. But undoubtfully, the return had been starting already.

 On the soft skin-palette, solvent mucus from exocrine glands was being mixed with the poison. As you know, that was that poison which a young girl being in their cruel time makes and which has a sweet smell like rotten roses. And this viscous poison-liquid was spreading on like varnished, and covering her whole body. Basically, that is secreted for protecting herself from UV rays or harmful bacteria, but it seemed that it also had an effect refusing males who were not chosen as the partner. So, his hand was feeling tiny pain. That was just a tiny pain but was there certainly. It was meaning that she merely wants a person to who she could behave like a tiny kid. In short, she was only trying to hold the temperature of him near her. And of course, he also knew it.

 After a while, his fingertip found the two leeches sticking on her skin, so he immediately peeled off them. One of them did not start to drink yet, but the other one had stolen her blood enough already, so, after taking away these small devils, he pinched the tiny wound and started ejecting hirudin together with blood from the inside of her. Hirudin is a chemical tool that leeches make for preventing blood clotting. He tried to concentrate on that work, but,

 (These prehistoric leeches had effective hirudin as same as the recent leeches living in our time?)

 While feeling the dripping warm blood along his fingers, he thought. Life of the earth had been developing many ways for efficient living through an enormous amount of time. And it is even now changing against and adjusting to many environments. Even though no doubt it will not come true within a few generations, life on the earth never quit trying to make suitable lifestyles.

 If thinking so, he couldn’t have sureness about whether the Carboniferous period leeches had the same ability as the one living in the period of him. If anything, even if they had had that outstanding weapon, it could be thought that the quality of the chemical substance was poor than modern leech’s magic. Because it’s able to be estimated that was not sophisticated yet. And, as this expectation, blood stopping seemed to end faster a little.

 He washed his finger by the water leaking from a tiny crack of rocks and wiped his hands by the moss. Then he let his own body apart from her a little and sat as cross-legged on the green carpet, faced with the whole body to this sleeping beauty. The graceful naked body was lying down on his front. According to the knowledge of his period, the world should gradually become warmer going along the backward flow of time from the Carboniferous age to the Devonian. As a result, leeches will increase the number of them in the future. Caution should be needed further. And he was feeling also that he himself needed to carve her wonderful shape of now to his mind before the time would come. That was the shape as a human, as an animal that had a sophisticated structure for perfect bipedalism. However, of course, he had been making also the decision that, even if she would get any shape, he would keep watching by his own eyes at the metamorphosis of this girl to the end.

 He had not known when the glossy dark hair of her had gotten that length, but it was certainly extending so longer and longer than before and was insisting on the contrast between black stream itself and her white body vividly. The skin which didn’t have any wounds at all except the leech’s bite mark was glowing like a pearl under the gray sky. The slender nape, rounded shoulders, these parts were flickering in the deep of the black stream like hidden treasures.

 Her body which had healthy long limbs seemingly looked so slim. But he knew the flexible and powerful muscles were hiding enough under the soft skin. The graceful line from the upper arms to the hands and to the fingers also was there clearly still now. So, he often felt that nothing of her had changed at all even if comparing with the days that he had been being beaten by a strong fresh impression as a human girl.

 But from just under her waist, the change was appearing clearly.

 The caudal fin which was made of semi-clear collagen tissue had been starting as if filling up the upper part of the buttocks gap. The thick fin had a smooth surface, and if being watched from the just side the shape looked like a blade of an Asian halberd. The very soft edge looking like frills was gracefully decorating the tail extended longer than tiptoe. There was an oddly sensual disproportion between her youthful long legs which must have created for cheerfully running on the ground and the whole tail which let imagine the hem of a kimono slovenly being disheveled on the bed.

  Suddenly, she shivered herself big just once. It would be that her temperature got down quickly because of him separating from her. Especially now, he must pay attention to her body temperature changing. She was in the process to change to a poikilothermic-animal. So, he held her body up into his arms in a rush and imparted his temperature.

 The breasts in a growing period and smooth belly looked healthy and youthful as same as her back. The moist white skin without any spot was glowing as if completely filling up his view sight. Yes, certainly, she was a human girl still yet. Breathing by lungs was still working normally and clearly and the chest and the belly were moving softly whenever she breathed.

 But a navel was not anywhere.

 From the down part of her belly looked so smooth like skins of a salamander just after waking up from hibernation, and moreover if looking down beyond the hairless mons pubis, into the deep of the delta, the undoubtfully non-human’s part was there. The total excretion hole. It’s an organ of bird’s or reptile’s, or amphibian’s. Preparing for the coming breeding season, the skin around it had been dyed in a red color called ‘marital color’. In many animals, this is a signal of finishing preparation to another gender.

 He saw that part unintentionally, took his eyes away in a rush. That couldn’t have been called ‘the secret place’ already and had not been as even the open secret. It was only that there was just one hole which was made for excreting feces containing pee or for spawning eggs wrapped by jelly or calcium shell. It should be well known, that the viviparity system as mammalian had been the beginning of the great victory of us, isn’t it…?

 But contrary to his complicated feeling, it seemed that she was just wanting to sleep more. Twisted her own body and found a good sleeping place as if burying herself to the gap of his crossed legs, she dived into a comfortable deep dream again leaving him alone. Except blankly watching the girl, who was showing a cute smile, who was dribbling saliva from the edge of the tiny mouth, and who was using her own wide tail as a substitute for a blanket, there was nothing that he could do.

  Now is amphibian’s period yet…

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