INTERLUDE: I : Good bye, WADATSUMI / He and a little witch of Tokyo Bay

A dead tiger leaves its fur, a dead man leaves his fame. My grandpa was saying so always. And though he left neither his fur nor his fame, as the alternative to those, left a big water tank in a basement of my house. It is a so big water tank which has enough size of that a child could be swimming in.

However, somehow, since grandpa’s death, it seemed nobody touched that wonderful tool that was being kept empty. So, when started filling up it with the water, I was very anxious that the water will leak out from invisible cracks being somewhere. But, fortunately, after all, the leaking was not there also after it has filled up with the water, so I got ease and sighed deeply while looking at the fluorescent lamp’s light passing through the blue water.

“oh, sorry.”

 Because in my arms, she strongly twisted her body once as if appealing uneasiness, I climbed a step ladder in a hurry, and threw her into the water tank.

“I’m sorry. I made you wait for a long time.”

 Then I went down the ladder and observed her through the thick glass.

 She splashed up the water and dived deeply. Swimming and stopping, swimming and stopping. In the middle of the clear world, she was showing a face like being surprised at the difference of water quality by moving the tip of the tiny nose many times, and leaning small head left and right sometimes, but after a while, this ceremony of adaptation seemed to be finishing and,


Nodding contentedly, she started swimming cheerfully by moving the fin tail. The long dark hair was gracefully dancing in the water. Enjoying the moisture, stretching herself, tasting the water with the whole body. She certainly seemed to be swimming without any stress.

But her cheeks are being dyed as pink a little despite in the bluish water, her arms were hiding her breasts, and she glanced at me with shy eyes sometimes.

Yes, even me, already noticed it. Because her upper part from a waist is ordinary naked of a human female. But I too, cannot pretend not to notice my own hot face because of watching such you!

From me, her look, her behaving, seemed to be so close to adult than mine, unexpectedly. Oh, no, it’s not correct. I have never expected anything. So…, so, this is sly! So, I plan to bring my own T-shirt after this. If I have the ability to steal my big sister’s clothing very well, she (of course this ‘naked she’ in here) would be expected to be looked far cuter than the time she is wearing my clothes, but thinking about the situation after the crime being exposed, it is so horrible.

Before I noticing it, she has come to near me and stayed face to face with me at the other side of the glass, was swimming in a standing posture.

She was hiding her bust by the left arm still now but knocked the glass wall by another hand. Made eye contact, she smiled cutely and stuck out the lips a little as if showing off it.

I nodded and, in a hurry,

“Oh, yes. I’m ok. I remember it. I pull it off now, wait a moment.”

Taking up a cutting plier from the toolbox, I went up the ladder again. She too is coming to float up. Since the time when I found her at the river shore under Aioi bridge, certainly, I too was minding it for a long. But I kept feeling the strain all the way home, so when I reached my basement and threw her into the water tank, lost all tension and knee power at one time. So I have wanted to rest at least some minutes. But she seemed not to notice my tired face and has come close to me by swimming while showing the upper part from shoulders, together with an innocent smile. Then,

(Hey, hurry up!)

Stuck out the under lips to me again. That behaving looked haughty a little to me, so I also became wanting to try some ironic words against her. So then,

“You have two hands too. You can do that by yourself, don’t you?”

Probably she has not expected to be thrown such words from me at all. Opened her small mouth blankly, and stared at me for a moment. I felt a tiny delight and tried to show off a winner’s face against her, but,

(Enough. Leave me alone!)

Suddenly she got angry, looked away and tried to leave into the deep, so,

 “Hey, sorry! sorry! It’s a joke!”

 I apologized to her in a flurry.

 (How kind you are!)

 She made such a face and stuck out the lip again being in a little anger yet.

So, I stretched my finger carefully and pinched her under-lip gently. It was slippery but was very soft and warm.


 Her eyes protested to me.

(Please more gently!)

“Sorry. But please endure a little. I don’t have anything like anesthetics.”

(I know.)

Any real words by voice are unnecessary. When I look at her face, I can immediately understand what she wants to say. Because I have been looking at her until now for a long long time. And, because I am going to look at her forever.

She sat on the edge of the water tank. So, while standing on the top of the ladder, in the pose like pasting two foreheads together, we started the work, our surgical operation. While pulling the place around the wound with my fingers, with a blade part of a plier I pinched a fishing hook hanging from her lower lip. On the deep of her eyes, the fear ran. I saw that but pretended not to notice it. Because the hook has perfectly pierced the lip being exceeded a barb, even if she will shout or cry, I will have to cut directly the hook-shank itself.

“You will get pain. But I will make it ended within an instant as possible as I can, so please endure it anyway.”

 When I said so and sent more power to my hands, she closed the eyes harder and held my shoulder with both hands strongly. …Cut it! The rest part of the hook flew and fell down somewhere on the floor, made a small metallic sound.

“Are you OK?”

The silence. I was seeing that she entered the water and slowly was sinking down like a stone statue. Finally, she squatted down on the glass bottom and stopped motion. Hiding the breasts with the left arm, holding down the wound with her right hand, she was staring at me from the farthest corner of the bottom of the tank. But, in fact, it’s not a staring face. It’s a face enduring the pain, or a face trying not to let her tears visible to me. She is probably trying to camouflage her own teardrops by using the water around her. The blood leaking out from between her thin fingers was spread into the inside of the water, scattered as particles, and faded gradually.

My father and mother are idiots. My big sister is more an idiot. They seemed not to be able to understand her. They insist on together,

“That’s looking like a mere uncanny white fish.”

 “Did you watch that’s flabby skin like a drowned dead body!”

 After my big sister who is an owner of the miserable brain says so with her miserable vocabulary,

“Yes, I can’t understand my son. Why he likes such creepy fish.”

 my mother nods and trembles, and frowns.

“It’s a wonderful idea! It’s going to be like a secret-base in a kaiju movie.”

When I asked him to give this basement as my room, my father surely said such so with a friendly smile, and,

“And, it’s so good for a child to be interested in animals.”

 He added such words. His mouth was clearly moving in such shapes. But his eyes were exactly speaking as same as his partner or a stupid devil which has received a human form as his daughter, such as,

“What ominous creature!”

But, it’s not correct. It’s surely her who is swimming in the tank. Look, her half-healed lip is puffy a little yet but is cute, and is smiling every time at me. She is wearing my T-shirt, and because the cloth is tightly sticking on herself by the water pressure and emphasizing the shape of the upper body, so, after all, it seems she is being very embarrassed as before. So always swimming while keeping to hide the breasts by arms still now.

Happily, comfortably, she swims. Sometimes she throws a glance at me shyly. I also return a smile to her. She smiles at me again with shy eyes, but it contains enough affection.

She cheerfully performs a somersault in the water. Around her, fine bubbles are swirling like scattered crystals. Scales and the fin tail are sparkling, reflecting the fluorescent lamp’s lights.

 For these reasons, I’m keeping her in my tank still now.

Ⓒ2016 Takagi Tokio